Materials All materials produced in:
  • Gralitz Clay

    Gralitz: Clay

  • Gralitz Desert

    Gralitz: Desert

  • Gralitz Oscu

    Gralitz: Oscu

  • Gralitz Playa

    Gralitz: Playa

  • Graphalit Quartz Agata

    Graphalit: Quartz Agata

  • Graphalit Quartz Basel

    Graphalit: Quartz Basel

  • Graphalit Quartz Day

    Graphalit: Quartz Day

  • Graphalit Quartz Grey

    Graphalit: Quartz Grey

  • Graphalit Quartz Mino

    Graphalit: Quartz Mino

  • Graphalit Quartz Moon

    Graphalit: Quartz Moon

  • Graphalit Quartz Opal

    Graphalit: Quartz Opal

  • Graphalit Quartz Ruby

    Graphalit: Quartz Ruby

  • Graphalit Quartz Safira

    Graphalit: Quartz Safira

  • Graphalit Quartz Sirius

    Graphalit: Quartz Sirius

  • Graphalit Ouartz White

    Graphalit: Quartz White

  • Graphalit Quartz Zark

    Graphalit: Quartz Zark

  • Graphalit Quartz Zirkona

    Graphalit: Quartz Zirkona

  • Graphalit Quartz Zoto

    Graphalit: Quartz Zoto

  • Grasolit Antique

    Grasolit: Antique

  • Grasolit Concrete

    Grasolit: Concrete

  • Grasolit Dark Abstract

    Grasolit: Dark Abstract

  • Grasolit Dark slate

    Grasolit: Dark slate

  • Grasolit Dust

    Grasolit: Dust

  • Grasolit Maroon

    Grasolit: Maroon

  • Grasolit Metallic

    Grasolit: Metallic

  • Grasolit Moss

    Grasolit: Moss

  • Grasolit Nature Abstract

    Grasolit: Nature Abstract

  • Grasolit Night Abstract

    Grasolit: Night Abstract

  • Grasolit Rocky

    Grasolit: Rocky

  • Grasolit Sky

    Grasolit: Sky

  • Grasolit Terra

    Grasolit: Terra

  • Rector Beige SE alt rector

    Rector: Beige

  • Rector Cream

    Rector: Cream

  • Rector Dusty white

    Rector: Dusty white

  • Rector flow

    Rector: Flow

  • Rector Koksgrå

    Rector: Koksgrå

  • Rector Mellow

    Rector: Mellow

  • Rector Mozart

    Rector: Mozart

  • Rector Roze

    Rector: Roze

  • Rector Off white

    Rector: Steam

  • Rector White

    Rector: White

Kitchen - Sink
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KUMA A/S produces fully casted sinks and worktops for bathrooms and kitchens, as well as solve special tasks as a subcontractor for some of the world's leading companies within eg speaker industry, the furniture industry and electric heating solutions.
KUMA A/S has the broadest range of materials, colors and sink types for bathroom’s and kitchen’s. The worktops are made by individual measurements, with or without fully casted sink, adapted to your wishes. For private homes, hotels, institutions, clinics and other businesses.

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