Sink location


The sink is located 9cm from the front of the tabletop (top side), this does not apply to slimline. Keep in mind to leave at least 9cm from the rear edge to the start of the sink (top side) to make room for a tap. When ordering, please state A and B measurements.
A measurement = from the left to centre of sink, measured at the back edge. B measurement is stated only for double sinks = from the right to centre of sink.

Unless otherwise stated in the order, the tap hole is placed 45-50 mm from the rear edge of the sink (top side) to centre of tap hole.

The sink is always delivered with a tap hole unless otherwise stated.

For a sink without a tap hole, the sink is centered in the tabletop depth as standard unless otherwise stated.


Vaskeplacering bad

Strainer is not supplied with the sink but can be ordered at KUMA


Vaskeplacering Køkken

Strainer in steelless steel comes with sink.

KUMA A/S produces fully casted sinks and worktops for bathrooms and kitchens, as well as solve special tasks as a subcontractor for some of the world's leading companies within eg speaker industry, the furniture industry and electric heating solutions.
KUMA A/S has the broadest range of materials, colors and sink types for bathroom’s and kitchen’s. The worktops are made by individual measurements, with or without fully casted sink, adapted to your wishes. For private homes, hotels, institutions, clinics and other businesses.

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