Max overhang without reinforcement

It is important that the tabletop is supported properly. Please see our chart below.
Worktops in thicknesses of 22 mm and above must be supported for each 60 cm.

Hidden reinforcement
is possible.
But max 40 cm
Max overhang without reinforcement 5 cmMax overhang without reinforcement 10 cmMax overhang without reinforcement 20 cmMax overhang without reinforcement 30 cmFull reinforcement is necessary
KUMA 15 mm
KUMA 22 mm
KUMA 30 mm
KUMA 40-60 mm
Rector 12 mm
Rector 20 mm
Rector 30 mm
Rector 40-60 mm
KUMA A/S produces fully casted sinks and worktops for bathrooms and kitchens, as well as solve special tasks as a subcontractor for some of the world's leading companies within eg speaker industry, the furniture industry and electric heating solutions.
KUMA A/S has the broadest range of materials, colors and sink types for bathroom’s and kitchen’s. The worktops are made by individual measurements, with or without fully casted sink, adapted to your wishes. For private homes, hotels, institutions, clinics and other businesses.

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