KUMA's mounting & maintenance instructions

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Inspect the product immediately on receipt and before mounting. If defects or faults are found, contact your dealer before mounting and within 7 days. Damage found after mounting is considered to have occurred
during mounting or use and do not warrant complaints. If mounting does not take place within 2 days of receipt, the sink/worktop must be stored on a blanket on a plane surface, facing downwards.


The conditions of the Sale of Goods Act apply unless other agreement has been made. The guarantee does not cover:

  • Damage caused by impact or shock or by dropping the product.
  • Damage occurred during transport, unless such damage is stated in the waybill.
  • Indirect or direct consequence of force majeure.
  • Consequences of improper treatment during cleaning or other external influences.


Never use the sink/worktop as a workbench. Cover it carefully when mounting mirrors, tiles, etc. Before installing the sink/worktop in cupboards, place an elastic rubber strip or a drop of silicone spaced at 30 cm. (Do not use excess amounts, under any circumstances.) Sinks have an overflow and a hole for a waste in standard dimensions, except sinks with the KUMA7® drainage system. Wastes are available as an option for
the sink.
The sink/worktop is surface-treated and ready for use.
NB! Sinks without overflow must have a statutory floor drain.

Care and maintenance of all KUMA materials

We recommend KUMA Clean for daily cleaning. Do not use abrasive cleaners. To retain the worktop’s/sink’s beautiful and dirt repellent surface, we recommend using KUMA Seal 1-3 times a year.

Removal of scale and other deposits on all acid-resistant KUMA materials

To remove scale and deposits, we recommend using KUMA Superscrub and KUMA Lime.
Spray KUMA Lime on the worktop, leave it for approx. 5 minutes, then rinse with water. KUMA Superscrub is useful for difficult stains, such as make-up, etc.
Do not use KUMA Lime for Pearl.
For limescale on Pearl, you may use an abrasive pad and then finish with KUMA Seal.

General product info

As all cast products are handmade, the structure, colour and finish may vary from one product to another. Minor differences may occur between the sink/worktop delivered and the reference+ colour sample shown in KUMA’s sales literature or at the dealer’s. This is not an error but merely shows that the product is unique.

When glossy surfaces are polished, polishing tracks will appear which may form suns. These do not warrant complaints.
Due to the production methods, insignificant air voids may occur and a few stones/glass may come loose over time in Pearl and Graphalite® Quartz. The small holes/air voids that may
occur do not affect the use or durability of the product and do not warrant complaints.

Minor damage, scratches, loose stone/glass can be repaired with a repair kit. When ordering repair kits, please state the sink no. or material/colour as well as extent of the damage.

Materials in the dark end of the colour scale are subject to the same requirements as all other dark materials which require additional care as dust, scratches, deposits and daily wear will be more visible.

The products are delivered to the size ordered subject to dimensional tolerances of -3/+5 mm in all lengths/depths and -2/+2 mm in plate thicknesses. The pitch tolerance of curves is -2/+2 mm.

We recommend that the supply temperature does not exceed 65°C. For KUMA kitchen materials, we do not recommend temperature actions exceeding 135°C (dry heat). Use table mats when cooling down pots and the like.

Please note that some water may remain in the basin with sink types with a flat bottom.

KUMA A/S produces fully casted sinks and worktops for bathrooms and kitchens, as well as solve special tasks as a subcontractor for some of the world's leading companies within eg speaker industry, the furniture industry and electric heating solutions.
KUMA A/S has the broadest range of materials, colors and sink types for bathroom’s and kitchen’s. The worktops are made by individual measurements, with or without fully casted sink, adapted to your wishes. For private homes, hotels, institutions, clinics and other businesses.

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